Bell a ringer for Stellar Fundraising Auctions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 5, 2014

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 Bell a Ringer for Stellar Fundraising Auctions

Devon Bell Joins Roster of Stellar Auctioneers

 San Francisco, CA: Today Stellar Fundraising Auctions, Inc. (, a fundraising auction firm specializing in planning and implementing fundraising auctions, announced the addition of fundraising auctioneer Devon Bell to the Stellar roster. Mr. Bell has worked with Stellar as a spotter on a number of events over the years and now becomes the third auctioneer at the firm. His presence will help meet the rising demand for Stellar auctioneers in the Bay Area and beyond.

 “We’re thrilled to have Devon on board,” said Stellar CFO and co-founder, Ed Gold. “He’s a brilliant consultant and an excellent performer, and he is wholeheartedly committed to helping make the world a better place one bid at a time. And besides,” added Gold, “we’re tired of turning work down because we’re booked.”

 Devon is excited to be joining the Stellar team. “I’ve spent years working auctions with Greg and Ed and am excited to learn this craft from two experts in the field,” he said. “They are renowned for their performances onstage, but their knowledge of consulting is staggering. I’m honored to join such luminaries.”

 Devon has already conducted two fundraising auctions under the Stellar banner, exceeding expectations in both cases. He already has a bevy of events booked for spring of 2015, and events looking to make the leap to hiring a fundraising auctioneer should act quickly to secure the newest Stellar auctioneer in San Francisco.  

 About Stellar Fundraising Auctions: Stellar Fundraising Auctions is a San Francisco-based fundraising auction firm. Stellar helps plan and implement over 100 fundraising auctions a year, raising tens of millions of dollars annually for non-profit organizations all over the United States, including schools, arts organizations, service organizations, and foundations.