Auction Event Planning

For clients looking for turnkey auction and event planning services, Stellar offers auction planning services in partnership with Beth Sandefur Events. Beth works with your team as your auction administrator and consultant, freeing your committee up to focus on their strengths while ensuring the finer details of your auction are handled in a timely fashion.

And since every organization is unique and no event is a one-size-fits-all affair, we offer a la carte services to best fit your needs. The scope and depth of our Auction Event Planning is adaptable to fit the timeline of your planning process, your staffing needs, and budget. Best of all, our Auction Event Planning services come as part of a customized consulting package or as stand-alone items.

We’ll work with you to determine the needs of your event, and then create a package that best maps to them. Our goal is to help you raise more money with less stress for staff, volunteers and board alike!

Basic Consultation

Discovery meeting with key staff to determine general timeline, deadlines, goal setting, and define roles.

Attendance at regular planning meetings.

Venue walk through with key staff to discuss event flow.

Design and implementation of registration, check-out, and auction fulfillment system.

On-site at the event for logistics support and to supervise auction.

Debrief meeting with key staff.

Customization Options for Consultation Packages

Auction procurement tracking and/or auction data prep.

Creation of templates for bid sheets, runner forms, and all necessary auction paperwork.

Development of comprehensive show flow document from load-in to load-out.

Creation of floor plans for silent auction areas.

Creation of training materials for registration and check-out staff and volunteer team.

Proofreading of auction program.

Creation of silent auction display sheets using approved item descriptions.

Stand-Alone Options

Auction/Event management software selection consultation.

Greater Giving master classes.

On-site Greater Giving support (PC platform, Go Time, Mobile Bidding).

Event stage management.

Compilation of live and silent auction data and with detailed bidder analysis post event.

Auction Data Analysis

Auction Data Analysis is a unique service developed by Beth and Greg to capitalize on your event and translate bidding behavior into a tool for informing your year-round fundraising strategy. Kindred spirits in their ability to geek out over auction data and the psychology of bidding, they wanted to find a way to capture a more comprehensive view of an auction, beyond just the winning bidders. The basic premise is that in a typical auction, you know who won the yacht for $40k, but you don’t know who lost it for $38k and from a donor cultivation standpoint, you want to know who came in second place. Looking at your bidding in this way can also highlight attendees who never seem to buy anything in the auction, but in fact are early bidders on every lot, driving up the bids, and there’s value in that behavior as well.

Beth has developed a method for capturing 70-80% of the bids that are placed during a live auction. She will take this data and translate it into a spreadsheet to provide you with all of the raw data and then run a series of reports to slice and dice the information as many ways as possible, breaking it down and giving you a much more detailed view of what happened on the auction floor. She can also track your fund-a-need appeal live and supply a Stellar auctioneer with a total amount raised within seconds of the close of the lot so that an instant result can be reported to your crowd.

If you conduct a silent auction, Beth can take your bid sheets and perform a similar analysis to give you reports that will help you start honing your strategy for item procurement the following year by identifying the types of items that are performing best with your bidders and providing the highest ROI.