About Greg Quiroga

Greg Quiroga has had many passions in his life, and he followed them with vigor until he discovered his true calling as a fundraising auctioneer.

Greg was an interactive marketing consultant at the turn of the millennium when one of his clients brought him in-house to manage the interactive marketing for their online auction website. Two weeks into his tenure, they “forced” Greg to go work his first live auction. “I didn’t want to go,” recalls Greg. “I was working 50–60 hours a week on the online side and didn’t have time to spare for an auction.”

“Go,” they said, “you’d make a great spotter.” He went, and he did. He returned from that auction and told his wife Michele, “I could do that!” He spent the next two years as auctioneer with that company, conducting liquidations for the dot-com economy.

Greg loved auctioneering but didn’t like being a liquidator, and committed himself to becoming a fundraising auctioneer. He started his own company in 2003, immediately landed his first fundraising auction, and actively pursued a mentee relationship with renowned charity wine auction specialist David Reynolds.

Greg quickly rose to the highest levels of the fundraising auction world. Eventually Greg became a mentor to other auctioneers in the industry, including Ed Gold, who started working with Greg in 2008. In 2014 Greg co-founded Stellar Fundraising Auctions with the goal of creating a fundraising auction company focused on high-level consulting on charity events and unparalleled performances onstage.

Greg is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and has his Benefit Auction Specialist designation. A gifted public speaker, he regularly conducts workshops on fundraising auctions and has presented three times at the NAA’s national conference for Benefit Auctioneers. Greg is also a regular onstage at MOTH StorySLAM events in San Francisco and has qualified to tell stories at three MOTH GrandSLAMs.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife Michele, their son, Ryder, and their Australian Shepherd, Loki. When he’s not onstage or at his desk, he can often be found walking the sand dunes of Fort Funston with Loki and his family.