Data Acquisition Tracking and Analysis

Maximize the potential of your fundraising event with our Data Acquisition Tracking and Analysis service. Discover how bidders truly behave at your event, and use that knowledge to implement highly strategic donor cultivation and auction planning.

The most valuable data available within your fundraising auction is also the most difficult data to capture: bidder behavior. Every auction captures winning bids, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our DATA service, developed and implemented in conjunction with Beth Sandefur Events, aims to capture every bid in your auction, and realistically records up to 80% of the bids placed in your live auction.

We then take this raw data and crunch the numbers in ways guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on your bidders – and a whole new approach to long-term cultivation. Our DATA service enables you to:

  • Discover the true impact underbidders have on your auction.
  • See how one big bidder at a table influences behavior around them. 
  • Find the bid to fund a need pledge ratio for your auction. 
  • Track the efficacy of invited attendees at sponsor tables, and much, much more.  

Whether you are an existing Stellar client or not, you can add our DATA service to your event for one small flat fee. Contact us today to start engaging your bidders in a whole new way, long after the last paddle has gone up in your auction.