Stellar Services Overview

Stellar auctioneers are unparalleled performers onstage, transforming good will into support through lively and entertaining auctions. We understand that a fundraising auction’s success is built through months of preparation, and our services reflect that.

We are deeply knowledgeable consultants who have committed our careers to studying fundraising auctions. We work with your auction team in advance to advise you on all of the elements that create a successful fundraising event, from what types of lots sell best and how to acquire them, to donor acquisition and retention. Most importantly, we understand that every event has a unique culture, and we work with you to maintain what makes your event unique while helping you raise more money.

Find out how we help set the stage for success with our pre-event consulting and guidance. Then read more about our approach to our onstage craft and how our fundraising-tailored performance will help make your event more fun and profitable. Or you can always skip ahead to our FAQ for questions about fee structure, travel radius, and more.