Fundraising Auctioneer

Stellar auctioneers are highly entertaining, engaging, and passionate auctioneers who put on unforgettable performances. Fundraising auctions are our passion and our calling. We focus solely on charity events, and hone our onstage skills on a daily basis.

Our goals onstage are fourfold:

  1. We want to make bidders feel loved for their participation – whether they are the winner or not.
  2. We strive to make donors feel that their donation to the auction has been handled with aplomb, and they have received the marketing they were hoping for.
  3. We want the auction to be entertaining and engaging for everyone in the audience, so they stay connected to your cause that evening, especially through the fund-a-need.
  4. When we get to the fund-a-need, we engage the whole crowd with a carefully crafted approach designed to generate momentum and bring “the room” together.

All of this is dependent upon the work we put in far in advance of your auction; we commit to each auction lot long before we take the stage. We work with your committee to lay the groundwork for a great auction. Then we spend hours preparing for your event, researching and writing our own script for each auction lot.

Each auction lot is a story waiting to be told. We spend the time finding that story and then fine-tuning it to a short pitch that sells the sizzle of the lot, honors the donors, and makes bidders feel justified in buying it.

Once the bidding begins, we engage bidders in a positive, encouraging manner that acknowledges generosity at every level, whether they win the lot or simply bid the other person up. We are good at reading crowds, and can tell when a bidder “wants to play” or would rather remain as anonymous as possible. We can also tell when a bidder is done or has another bid in them, and make sure that you maximize the potential of your room with no buyer’s remorse.

Find out how easy it is to make your next auction a Stellar fundraising auction, contact us today.