Catalog Copy Writing

For auction committees who want extra support creating an engaging, entertaining and informative auction catalog descriptions, Stellar now offers an a la carte copy writing service. Designed to free your committee up from the granular process of catalog writing, this service will allow them to focus on other, more pressing needs.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of how to create engaging and informative auction lot descriptions. Our catalog writing aims to accomplish two goals: assure your donors that you are marketing their donations to the best of your abilities, thereby making the most of their generosity; and engaging potential buyers and compelling them to bid.

We thoroughly understand the project flow of a fundraising auction. We will work with you to create a schedule that gives all the various components of your planning team adequate time to do their jobs. We’ll create a timeline that works with your solicitation team’s timeline for securing packages, and gets you written descriptions in time for your production team to produce and market your catalog.

We’ve partnered with Chaia Milstein, a New York based copy writer who has spent over 20 years working on projects for MTV, Comedy Central, and a host of other local brands. We’ve known Chaia professionally for 22 years, and her first project with Stellar was writing the copy for Meals on Wheels San Francisco’s 2017 auction.

Whether you are an existing Stellar client or not, you can add our Catalog Copy Writing service to your event on a per-lot basis. Contact us today to start the process.