About Chaia Milstein

Copy Writer


Chaia has been working as a writer/editor for over 20 years, in journalism, copywriting, and screenwriting. She works in both branded and independent media, in a variety of fields, for organizations ranging in scale from solo entrepreneurships to giant corporations. Basically, if there's a job involving words, she's on it.

She brings to bear this latitude of experience in all of her work. She knows how to ask the right questions to understand clients' big-picture needs from all angles, then fulfill those needs for maximum impact.

When it comes to catalogue copywriting, she aims to showcase all that is uplifting and meaningful about fundraising for organizations effecting positive social change. She approaches each fundraiser and each lot as brand new, which results in lot descriptions that are fresh, lively, and engaging -- every time.

Chaia spent her 20s in San Francisco, a place that still feels like home no matter where she is. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY with her spouse Sonja, small daughter RD, and cat Raizel, where they spend a lot of time talking about subway trains.