About Jacquelyn Wells

Director of Operations and Client Relations

Jacquelyn Wells is the core of Stellar Fundraising Auctions, the gravitational force that keeps the whole team from spinning off into their own individual orbits. Any client who has ever worked with her can attest to how well Jacquelyn knows the fundraising auction process and her capability to keep an event on timeline.  

Her diversity of day jobs has allowed her to spend her nights and weekends involved in theater, acting, directing, and writing plays. Her theatrical experience plus the banking, bartending, insurance, wine club management and other customer-focused and administrative work, have given her the strong interpersonal communication and project management skills that make her so good at her job. As a stage director, she is keenly aware of how important it is to have solid support, and she strives to provide that to Ed and Greg and their clients.

Jacquelyn lived in San Francisco for 27 years before moving north to Sonoma County. She’s been working with Greg and Ed since 2008. She says that one of the best things about her job is working for two really good men who are committed and passionate about the work they do for the non-profits with which they are involved.