Benefit Auction Summit 2015

Greg and I just returned from the Benefit Auction Summit in New Orleans.  Benefit Auction Specialists from around the country attended this summit hosted by the National Auctioneers Association and I thought I'd share an overview of what was discussed.  First and foremost, benefit auctions continue to be the fastest growing segment of the auction industry.  The Auctioneers that attended are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars raised annually and these certified BAS auctioneers only represent a fraction of auctioneers across the country!  

Greg and I were asked to present at this gathering and we spent 90 minutes sharing our consulting techniques.  The days of an auctioneer just showing  up at your fundraiser and reading your program are  fading fast. When we asked the crowd how many of them consult, most of the hands in the room went up, but it's the level of consulting that we focused on and even seasoned veterans were taking notes.  Fund-a-needs were discussed as to their placement and structure as well as a very robust discussion on new technologies like mobile bidding and text to bid options.  There was also a presentation on how "millennials" are participating in philanthropy.

All in all, the benefit fundraising world is doing well and people all over the country are showing up in record numbers to support organizations that have taken the time to craft  their event so guests leave feeling that their time was well spent.

So if you want a little consulting on consulting,  or a little more insight as to what's going on at fundraisers across the country, give us a call, we took notes!